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Yelomöd Sun Visor
The light weight Yelomöd Sun Visor is for maximum protection , active wear clothing is ideal for water sports enthusiasts worn in or out of the water, on the boat, or on the beach.

Regular Price:$ 90.00 / Each
Sale Price:$ 75.00 / Each
You Save:$ 15.00 / Each

SunSoul Inc. produces patent-pending fluorescent materials that capture therapeutic wavelengths of sunlight and amplify them to eradicate skin bacteria and heal acne lesions.

Imagine clear skin just from wearing a shirt or hat that converts U.V. rays into therapeutic light? The medically proven technology, recently approved by Health Canada, uses blue light to target acne and infrared light for skin healing, which is currently used by physicians in other costly and time-consuming clinical procedures. Wearing the blumöd products outside for only two hours a week removes the need for messy acne treatment lotions or other medical alternatives.

Now it's easier, safer and more natural than ever to get clear looking skin from being outdoors. Divers, no less, spend plenty of time outdoors, protecting their skin from harmful UV rays, while getting the sun’s therapeutic rays is a revolutionary concept. "SunSoul's trendy, comfortable high-quality outdoor wear is skin therapy on-the-go for the active lifestyle.
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