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Hydro Tea Facial Feed

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My Hydro Tea Facial Feed is our biggest secret to "Aging Gracefully" and is truly Hollywood's best kept secret! The benefits of green tea are endless. Poly-phenols, the key anti-oxidant found in green tea are world renowned for fighting the aging process. Poly-phenols have been documented to do everything from fight cancer to repair and regenerate collagen and connective tissues. My philosophy on aging gracefully has always started with addressing beauty from within, which is why I created this Aloe Vera based green tea facial feed. Each serving of "Hydro Tea Facial Feed" supplies your body with the equivalent anti oxidants of 15 cups of green tea without caffeine or sugar!

Drink in your beauty at least two times a day with a serving of Hydro Tea Facial Feed in a glass of water or your favorite beverage. I must warn you though that most of our clients find this beauty elixir strangely addictive so if you feel the urge to drink in your beauty all day don't worry, go for it!! You can't overdue it and because it is caffeine free and naturally sweetened you can enjoy the benefits of Hydro Tea Facial Feed all day!

This 3 pack of each unique flavor will keep your body on track and your flavor of the day will be in your hands. You can use the Green Tea as many times a day as you wish. Mint is amazing for balancing a sensitive stomach and seems to be key in flushing the fat cells if you are on a weight loss program. Passion fruit has been remarked to have a wonderfully calming effect, and peach is a refreshing boost of vitamin C and great as an immune booster. So with your choice of all three flavors, drink in your beauty and follow the path to "Aging Gracefully." All flavors give you the same amazing benefits regardless which turn out to be your personal flavor of choice.
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