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Glycogel 05%
Glycolic Acid is the most effective and beneficial of the AHA's in skin care. It is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane and has been found to be the most effective product used for peeling. It also triggers the new formation of collagen and plumps up the cells to reduce wrinkles on the skin's surface. Directions- Apply a thin layer of Glycogel to cleansed skin and leave on from 5-30 minutes depending on skin sensitivity. Remember, you're giving yourself a treatment, not just using a product so look for signs such as redness and burning or tingling as a sign of when to rinse off. After rinsing completely, I suggest using our Collagen Masque for maximum benefit of your treatment.

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COLLAGEN MASQUE "Facial Treatment"
Primrose Intensive (Evening Primrose)
Rosehips Intensive (Rosamosqueta)
Skin Relief 1% Hydrocortisone Minerals, Vitamins &
Ormagel Healing
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