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Janet Harris
IntroducesVelaShape on The Rachel Ray Show

Celebrity Skin Care specialist Janet Harris demonstrates One Of Her Many State Of The Art Technologies From Her Skin Care Health Center In Beverly Hills.
"The Skin Rejuvenation Center"

Rachael Ray sets up the segment by stating she is always skeptical of any 'gimmicks' claiming to reduce weight without the need for exercise and diet, until she saw VelaShape. VelaShape treatment results are showcased in this segment by following a patient's treatment journey on her post-baby body. The patient is treated by Skin Care Specialist, Janet Harris from the Skin Rejuvenation Center in Beverly Hills, CA. Janet Harris explains the VelaShape technology and how it works to reduce the cellulite and achieve body contouring through circumferential reduction in just 4 treatments. VelaShape is the first and only FDA cleared device for Circumferential Reduction. The segment also discusses the advantages of the VelaShape treatment vs. Liposuction; VelaShape provides instant body contouring results, through a non-surgical, painless, and risk-free treatment. The patient makes an appearance after her 4 treatment regimen. She is ecstatic with her VelaShape results and her post-baby body now looks contoured and firm. She lost in total 8 pounds and 2 inches around her wais
Media Moments Janet on Rachel Ray Show
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