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Celebrity Make Over Kit
Have you ever wondered how Robin McGraw looks so vibrant and amazing at age 55? Our products are the best kept celebrity secret! Our collection of Kine-pHirm products and Janet's secret formulations will help you protect and rejuvenate your skin effortlessly! The Hydro Tea Facial Feed along with our body products will help get you ready for the red carpet treatment.

Regular Price:$ 569.00 / Each
Sale Price:$ 349.00 / Each
You Save:$ 220.00 / Each

Additional Info
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This Amazing Kits comes with the following products.

*Beautility's Hydro Tea Facial Feed Peach
*Beautility's Hydro Tea Facial Feed Mint
*Beautility's Hydro Tea Facial Feed Passion Fruit
*Beautility's Daily pHacial Wash
*Beautility's Equalizing Pads
*Beautility's pHacial Serum
*Beautility's Eye pHix Hydrating Eye Cream
*Beautility's Moisture pHase Repair Cream
*Janet's Collagen Masque
*Janet's Enzyme Scrub
*Janet's Magic Mud
*Janet's Sunscreen Moisturizer
*Janet's Cellulite Cream
*Janet's Fat Reduction Cream

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Janets Skin Care
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