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Personal Hair Removal with Silk’n™
Your light-based device for hair removal at home

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What to Expect?

During a Silk'n™ treatment:

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For many people, using Silk’n™ may be their first experience with a light-based device designed for self-treatment. Silk’n™ is simple to use, and treatments go by quickly. During treatment it is normal to experience:

1.    A Flash of Light – The bright light of Silk’n™ will not harm the eyes when applied to non-facial sites, and special eye-protection is not needed when doing Silk’n™ treatments.
2. A Fan Noise – The cooling fan in Silk’n™ makes noise similar to a hairdryer. This is normal.
3. A Pop Sound with Each Pulse – When a pulse of HPL™ light is activated, it is normal to hear a subtle pop sound simultaneously with the flash of light.
4. Moderate Pressure of the Applicator – This is necessary and helpful for placement of adjacent pulses of light.
5. Sensation of Warmth and Tingling – During each pulse of light it is normal to feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling from the light energy. Remember it is important to always use low energy settings for initial treatments.

Clinical Studies

Silk’n™ has been tested in a multi-center clinical study that took place in North America and Israel and involved over 150 female patients.

Treatment Protocol:

Method: Self treatment at the physician’s office
Treatment plan: 3 treatments performed at 2 week intervals
Follow up: 3 months and 6 months post last treatment
Calculation of results:   Subtracting follow up from initial hair count
Investigators: Dr. Tina Alster, Washington DC.
Dr. Steve Mulholland, Los Angeles
Dr. James Shaoul, Tel Aviv


Body site

No. of Patients

Average reduction after 3 months

Average reduction after 6 months
















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